Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary now has a Sponsorship Program. We are looking for any way to make it easier for us to help these amazing foster of ours and also to make it easier for families to make them a part of their family. This will allow people to help us out in 2 ways.

1) You may give a donation in any amount towards the long term care of any of our fosters. Those funds will be used for that foster for their medical care, this would include veterinary care, special food they may need, medications, training fees, or any other specialized items for their direct care. Some of our fosters need long term eye care, or bloodwork for seizures. Others have just been with us for a long time waiting to find the right home. We do not give up on our fosters and care for them as long as it takes for the right home to come along.

2) You may also pay the full Adoption Fee for any Foster. This would allow a family to adopt them at no cost to them. Now this does not change the way we process the applications or screen potential adopters in ANY way. We will still closely look at every family to make sure that they are the right family for the Foster they are applying for. We will still contact their vet to make sure all their pets are spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, and well cared for medically. We will still perform a Home Visit to ensure the safety of our Foster in their home. While we will not judge them on the color of the couch they chose, we will look for openings in the fence, walls, or floors, that could allow for the escape or injury of our Foster. We also want to make sure that there is adequate room for our Foster. We will not place a large breed dog into a home that is not large enough for them or a dog that cannot go up and down stairs into a home that there is no way to avoid a full set of stairs to get in or out of the home. We also will not place cats or dogs into a home with other animals that we know they will not get along with. We also reserve the right to not place our Fosters in home with small children if we feel there may be an issue or know that our Foster does do well with them.

Please consider one of these new ways to help Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary help all these wonderful Fosters that we have so that we can open up new spaces for all the homeless cats and dogs just waiting for a rescue to save them!

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